Why a Fertility Specialist

There are many reasons why a fertility specialist is the best choice for reproductive help. In addition to the educational requirements an OBGYN has undergone, a reproductive endocrinologist (REI) has also completed an additional 3 years of advanced training and fellowship that qualifies him to specifically diagnose and treat infertility.

Board-certified REI’s like Dr Morgan have not only completed 3 years of subspecialty training in reproductive endocrinology-infertility practicum, but have also completed 5 additional years (up to 10 years of total) of postgraduate training.

This means that Dr Morgan had to pass four rigorous examinations in order to receive his certification as both an OB/GYN and an REI specialist:  The OB/GYN written examination, the  OB/GYN oral examination, the REI written examination and the REI oral examination.

Dr Morgan must continue to complete focused education and training, and pass literary reviews and written examinations every 6 years in order to maintain his Board Certification.

Summary of a Specialist’s Qualifications:

  1. OB/GYN educational requirements

  2. Additional 3 years advanced training and practicum to become a reproductive endocrinologist-infertility specialist

  3. Additional 5 years postgraduate training to become Board-Certified

  4. Literary reviews and examinations every 6 years

Rapidly evolving technologies require Dr Morgan and our staff to devote an extraordinary amount of time to staying abreast of advances in our field. Our on-site embryology laboratory is among the very best because of our devotion and commitment to staying at the forefront of our specialty.

Dr Morgan and our staff’s commitment to excellence, extensive training and ongoing leadership and development in our field produce success rates only a specialist can.

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