Your First Visit

We’ve collected a list of steps you can take to prepare for your first visit to the fertility doctor’s office so that you aren’t nervous and will be able to focus on getting the help you need in order to gain peace of mind and realize your dream of becoming a parent.

Medical History

First, you will want to log into our secure Patient Portal in order to fill out your medical history prior to coming in so that you don’t have to spend time filling out paperwork when you arrive. This will also help our team troubleshoot your case ahead if time. You will also use this portal frequently throughout your treatment with Dr Morgan and Dr Meir Olcha in order to receive messages, instructions and consent forms from our staff. Think of your portal just like a private email system to communicate with our staff.

Insurance & Copays

When you made your initial visit appointment with Dr Morgan and Dr Meir Olcha, you gave us your insurance information so that we could contact our special provider contact at your insurance company to discuss your insurance policy details. You should have received a phone call back from our office to review those details with you prior to coming in. This way, you will know exactly how much you will be charged for the visit. If you were instructed to bring a referral with you to your first visit, please present it to the receptionist when you arrive.

Medical Records

You may have also been instructed to either fax over or bring with you any previous medical records you might have that pertain to your current issue. You can also give them to the front desk receptionist when you arrive.

Length of Time

Our appointments usually run on time. But, you should be aware that we occasionally spend a little extra time with patients who need just a little more TLC during their first visit. This may make us a little behind, but we would show you the same care and never rush you if you needed a little extra time. So, please be patient if we are running a little behind. Typically speaking however, the entire first visit can last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Support Materials

Upon arrival you will be given a folder containing important contact numbers, information and a blank piece of paper of pen so that you can take notes and write down questions during your consultation. You are likely to receive a lot of information during your discussion with Dr Morgan and Dr Meir Olcha. So, we encourage you to jot down questions as they pop up.


Dr Morgan and Dr Meir Olcha will review your medical history with you, discuss your options and possible causes, then select a plan of action (called a treatment plan) based on what is going to give you the best chances at successfully becoming pregnant. We want you to make informed decisions. And, you will never be rushed or pushed.

Financial Counseling

You may even be able to meet with an insurance/financial counselor the same day you come in. If not however, we will make sure you receive the help you need in this area soon after your first visit.


Depending on your situation, it may be appropriate to perform an intravaginal ultrasound. Don’t worry if you are having your period. It’s often the best time to perform this diagnostic test that may identify any immediate obstacles to you successfully becoming pregnant.


Our staff ensures that you always know what your next steps are. We also know that you just received a lot of information. So, we will send you home with simple instructions, then follow up with you in 1-2 days to answer any questions that may have popped up and to help guide you through your first steps.