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LGBTQ Fertility Options

For more than 20 years Dr Morgan has been proud to help gay and lesbian couples build families with the assistance of fertility treatments. LGBTQ fertility options include nearly the same treatments a heterosexual couple would choose from, with just a few differences.
LGBTQ couples will first meet with Dr Morgan in an initial office visit to discuss medical history, necessary testing, who will be carrying the baby, and which treatment would give you the best chance at success.

Many insurance plans now cover fertility treatment for members of the LGBTQ community. If you lack coverage however, you will be able to meet with our Financial Coordinator after you have settled on a treatment plan with Dr Allen Morgan or Dr Meir Olcha. The Financial Coordinator’s responsibility is to help our patients afford the cost of treatment by providing information and guidance with regard to discounts, payment plans and special fertility financing programs.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) requires anyone using donor sperm, donor egg, and/or a gestational carrier to undergo psychological evaluation. This consultation is not because your are a member of the LGBT community. 

Rather, the evaluation is to give all who use donor specimens an opportunity to explore your views about the planned treatment, possibly obtain necessary resources, and to discuss how and when to share third-party reproduction in an age-appropriate way with your future child.

The next step will be diagnostic testing to evaluate the level of fertility for each partner. Once testing is complete, your treatment can begin.
LGBTQ Fertility Treatments include:

As an LGBTQ couple, the most important thing to look for when selecting a fertility specialist is a reputation for excellence in LGBTQ care, great success rates and ample financial options.

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