What to Expect from Fertility Treatment

An exceptional experience that starts before you even come in.

As a valued patient, you will have access to a secure and easy to use patient portal, mobile application, and exclusive resources before you’ve even had your first visit to our office.

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1st Visit

We’ve collected a list of steps you can take to prepare for your first visit to the fertility doctor’s office.

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It is important to know the facts, have a good understanding of the fertility process, and most of all know when to seek the help of a specialist.

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A consultation is not a commitment. It is an opportunity to get expert answers to your questions and the help you need.

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There are many pathways to becoming pregnant. You deserve a fertility specialist who will approach your unique circumstances with a commitment to individualized care.

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Pricing, payment plans, insurance coverage , guarantee programs, and everything else you need to make your fertility treatment a reality. Welcome to the nation’s most affordable fertility clinic.

About our services

Knowing what to expect from fertility treatment is half the battle. There are enough question marks surrounding infertility itself. Treatment shouldn’t add uncertainty.

On the contrary. Our clinical and administrative staff are trained to help patients set realistic expectations and always know what the next step is from the very first moment you call us until you leave our office for the last time, happy with the treatment you received.

Getting started with treatment is a 4 step process:

  1. Call for an appointment
  2. Fill out your medical history online
  3. Speak with an in-house insurance specialist
  4. Initial Consultation with Dr Morgan

You will notice a difference in our staff from the very first time you call us to make an appointment. We take our time to listen. And, we always let you know what is going to happen next.
First, we get your demographic details, which allows us to set up an appointment time at one of our convenient locations. Then we will ask for your insurance information so that one of our in-house insurance specialists can give you a call back to review your particular policy coverage and let you know what charges to expect. Last, you will receive a unique ID and password to our secure online patient portal so that you can go online to fill out your medical history before you even come in.

You can expect to greeted with a smile at your first visit. We are genuinely happy to greet new patients. We’ll have you sign a couple more documents and provide you with a folder, note paper and a pen so that you can write down any questions that might come up in your consultation. Depending on the reason for your visit, you may have blood drawn, a semen analysis, or an ultrasound.
We will follow up with you within a couple days to answer any questions and ensure you know what your next steps are. We will continue to follow up with you throughout your treatment with us.

Hanna’s Success Story

I’m a busy person and my fiance (at the time) travels a lot for work. So, I was afraid that getting help just wouldn’t work for us. But, I used the [Morgan Fertility] mobile app patient portal to check on my results and for instructions every day. Nobody at my office even knew I was going for fertility treatment and having access to the staff by email was really convenient. – Hanna S.

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A fertility specialist is far more likely to identify and correct causes of infertility than a regular women’s health professional.  Learn more.

There are many myths about infertility that will keep you from the success you deserve. You have questions.  We have answers.  Learn more.

The first step is always the scariest. But, there’s nothing to be fearful of with these tips to prepare and a clear picture of what to expect.  Learn more.

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