Tubal Reversal

A tubal reversal is a procedure that aims to restore fertility after woman has undergone a tubal ligation to cut or block her fallopian tubes in order to prevent pregnancy. Just as women should not rush into the decision to have a tubal ligation, it is wise not to hurry into having a reversal either.

What is a tubal reversal?

During a tubal ligation reversal surgery, the blocked segments of the fallopian tubes are reconnected to the remainder of the fallopian tubes in order to alllow eggs to descend through the fallopian tubes and sperm to travel up to the eggs for fertilization.

Not all tubal ligations can be reversed.

It is important to note however, that not all types of tubal ligation can be reversed. Procedures such as Essure or Adiana generally leave too much scarring to be reversed. If clips or rings were used to clamp off the fallopian tubes, these types of procedures typically can be reversed.

What are my chances of getting pregnant after a tubal reversal?

Even if tubal ligation reversal is successful, it doesn’t guarantee that you can become pregnant. Statistics show that after 3 full years of trying to conceive following a tubal reversal surgery, women still only had only a 50% chance of becoming pregnant on their own. In vitro fertilization (IVF) offers the same chances after only one attempt.

What are the risks of tubal reversal?

If you are fortunate enough to conceive after having a tubal ligation reversal, there’s still a chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic, meaning that the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus, which is painful, expensive and quite emotionally taxing to cope with. Additionally, it is a surgery under anesthesia, which carries it’s own risks.

Is tubal reversal right for me?

Dr Morgan will discuss many factors with you so that you can make an informed decision about whether IVF or tubal reversal is best for your family building goals. Factored into your decision should be:

What happens after tubal reversal?

If you elect to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), you can choose to freeze unused embryos so that you will have the option of having more children in the future without having to go back on birth control. Statistics show that after 3 full years of trying to conceive on your own after a tubal reversal, you may still only have about a 50% chance at becoming pregnant. If you decide to do IVF at that point, your egg quality and quantity will have decreased, lowering your chances at success. Studies show that undergoing IVF early on may give you about the very  same chances, but after only 1 attempt.

How much does a tubal ligation reversal cost?

The costs of tubal ligation reversal surgery and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are about the same. The only remarkable difference is that financing, payment plans and discounts are available for IVF that are not available for tubal reversals.

Visit our Affording Treatment section for more information about self-pay discounts that will allow you to have a child immediately through IVF, without having to go back on birth control.

The first step to take is to schedule a consultation with Dr Morgan to discuss whether you are a candidate for reversal.

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