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Deciding when to start your family can be tough. Who can possibly know when the time is right to begin filling your home with children? Not knowing when the time is right doesn’t mean that you should be punished for inaction.
While the clock is always ticking when it comes to having children, fertility preservation services like egg freezing and sperm freezing can go a long way toward slowing the minute-hand down. There are many reasons to explore fertility freezing, so let’s discuss the process below.

How it works:

Egg freezing is also known as ‘mature oocyte cryopreservation’. Egg freezing involves the harvesting of eggs from the ovaries of a patient to be stored for use at a later time. Egg freezing gives freedom to our patients as well as the confidence that comes with knowing that you are prepared for whatever life throws at you.

If you want to explore the world of egg freezing with a medical professional, consider visiting Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine.

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