Using an egg or sperm donor in order to have children is not uncommon.

In fact, the doctors at Morgan Fertility help many single women and couples through the donor process each year. Our staff is expertly trained in preparing patients for this special journey to parenthood.

Our Donor Program is well known as an especially warm and friendly option for patients who have perhaps not received the most compassionate care elsewhere.

Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine only works with agencies who uphold the highest medical and ethical standards, because we value the egg donors’ health and welfare.  We are proud to partner with Donor Egg Bank USA who has met our high standards for quality and consistency to offer you frozen donor eggs with confidence.

Is Using an Egg or Sperm Donor for Me?

Women who consider using an egg donor might have diminished ovarian reserve, premature menopause, advanced maternal age, poor egg quality, or concerns about passing along an inherited genetic disease.

See more about female reproduction.

Men who consider using a sperm donor might have low sperm count, poor motility or morphology, difficulty transporting sperm, or zero sperm production (azoospermia).

See more about male reproduction.

When using an egg donor, you will have an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) meeting with Dr Morgan or Dr Olcha to review the clinical process and discuss the special considerations surrounding egg donor IVF.

Later, you will meet with our Financial Coordinator, who will review your insurance coverage and help you navigate any discount programs, multi-cycle discount packages, guarantee programs or financing necessary to help you afford treatment.

Finally, you will meet with our IVF Coordinator nurse to review paperwork and look through our egg donor catalog. The women in our catalog have passed rigorous health and medical background screening and include various ethnicities and educational backgrounds. You will also get to see pictures of them as a child.

When using a sperm donor, you will be connected with an outside company who we have come to trust over the years. There you will find suitable donors who have been screened and match your physical preferences.

Choosing a reputable facility provides the best chances of creating your miracle baby.

Becoming a Sperm or Egg Donor

Most egg donors are anonymous. And, both anonymous and known Egg Donors are appropriately screened under the same FDA guidelines. When using a known egg donor however, a legal contract must be agreed upon by all parties.

All women wishing to donate eggs must undergo a preliminary screening to establish eligibility. Screening for egg donation includes:
​a detailed medical history
physical examination
psychological evaluation
communicable disease testing
genetic carrier screening

Anonymous egg donors must be between the ages of 18 – 29 years of age. Women who are known donors may be over the age of 34; however, they must complete additional testing to determine the potential for a positive outcome before donating eggs.

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