Egg Freezing Packages

As part of our fertility preservation program, we are pleased to offer patients egg freezing financing packages for 1, 2 or 3 cycles through EggBanxx, a leading fertility preservation financing company.

Eggbanxx multi-cycle egg freezing packages are a low-interest financing option with flexible terms and $0 down.

What’s Included

All packages include endocrine assays and ultrasounds, cycle management retrieval (follicular aspiration with ultrasound guidance), oocyte identification, preparation and cryopreservation with vitrification.

Eggbanxx plans do not include fertility medications, initial consultation, pre-cycle workup, office visits before commencement, any shipping charges and any additional/emergent care.


All cycles include the most technologically advanced freezing process (vitrification) plus 12 months of cryopreserved oocyte (egg) storage.

Embryo Freezing

Many couples who wish to delay parenthood due to treatment for illness or travel may wish to go one step further by fertilizing the retrieved eggs. This allows the couple to take their time and the option to perform genetic testing on the resultant embryos in order to identify possible inherited diseases (PGD), chromosomal abnormalities (PGS), or to select the gender of their baby (PGD/PGS).

Patients who need help being able to afford embryo testing can apply to finance a portion or the full amount with Our In-House payment plans Our Financial Coordinator will be able to guide and connect you. Call our office at (732) 363-4777 and ask for our Billing Department.

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