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Fertility Doctor | NJ

Choosing a fertility doctor or fertility clinic in NJ can be intimidating. You will want to look for an infertility specialist with great online reviews, real-life testimonials and success stories, high success rates and conveient locations near where you live or work.

Why choose a fertility clinic near you?

Most fertility treatments require frequent visits to the doctor’s office for cycle monitoring early in the morning. Cycle monitoring is where bloodwork and ultrasounds let the fertility staff know how your boddy is responding to infertility treatment.

Because you’ll be visiting the office frequently, you will want to choose a reproductive endocrinology-infertility expert who has locations near where you work or live.

Morgan Fertility has fertility clinics in Ocean, Middlesex and Monmouth counties, located just off major highways like the Garden State Parkway.

Visit our Morgan Fertility Lakewood NJ office. Visit our Morgan Fertility Edison, NJ office.


International IVF

Less expensive than IVF centers in New York City, yet just as successful, International patients save thousands of dollars.

Satellite Patients

Are you a patient elsewhere who needs cycle monitoring (bloodwork & ultrasounds) in the morning? Contact us to set up an  appointment.


Located just off the parkway in Ocean County, this office also houses our embryology lab and administrative staff. Learn more.


This office location is easily accessible from routes 9, 18, 34, and 35 and just minutes from the Garden State Parkway. Learn more.

Nicole’s Success Story

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

I had no problem driving more than an hour to have Dr Morgan and his excellent nursing staff be the ones to do my IVF’s.  They came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. I had my first little girl in 2013 and now I’m back for baby #2. We’re doing PGD this time so we can Amy can have a little baby brother. – Nicole G.

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