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Finances should never keep you from becoming a parent.

We don’t want paying out of pocket for infertility treatments to add unnecessary stress and pressure to the treatment process.


Never give up on something you can’t go a day without dreaming about.

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Exclusive Morgan Fertility programs include discounts, payment plans, & financing.

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Never give up on something you can’t go a day without dreaming about.

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Self pay infertility costs shouldn’t keep you from realizing your dream of becoming a parent. We offer a variety of fertility financing options, payment plans and discount programs to help.

Once you’ve met with Dr Morgan and Dr Meir Olcha and have settled on a treatment plan, all self-pay patients will then have access to our in-house Financial Coordinator, whose #1 priority is helping patients afford the infertility care they need and deserve. Our self-pay patients receive a discount compared to the charges billed to insurance companies.

We have strong relationships with several major fertility financing companies who specialize in helping patients secure the funding they need in order to pursue infertility treatment.  Some financing options include multi-cycle bundles, egg freezing packages, financing the entire amount, just a portion, or even just medications. We even offer a refund guarantee program based on success, rather than failure.

Anyone can apply to finance fertility treatments, regardless of credit score. And, many with lower scores do get qualified for either total or partial assistance.

In many instances, self-pay patients are able to afford treatment procedures, but affording medications may be just out of reach. For these patients our nursing staff will provide information and resources provided by third parties such as pharmaceutical companies and specialty pharmacies.

Tyisha’s Success Story

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

When I found out that Medicaid doesn’t offer infertility benefits, I was not happy. So, I called around to find a doctor that would work with me to be able to afford IVF. Out of my phone calls, Dr Morgan had the best pricing. I met with the billing manager right after my appointment and she worked with me. I was very impressed. – Tyisha N.

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We work with several fertility financing companies to provide the opportunity to finance no matter what the credit score is. Learn more.


We routinely offer discounts to patients who might otherwise not be able to afford treatment. We make the application process simple.  Learn more.


Self-pay patients have access to a variety of programs, discounts and vouchers in order to help afford medications.  Learn more.

Multicycle Packages

Savvy patients who understand that chances at becoming pregnant increase with every attempt can save thousands of dollars.  Learn more.

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without dreaming about.”

-Winston Churchill

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