RMA IVF refund Program

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most effective fertility treatment for most women and couples facing infertility. At Morgan Fertility, we want to help more women and couples build their families and afford multiple cycles of IVF if needed. We are proud to offer the Morgan Fertility IVF Refund Program as an option for most of our patients, guaranteeing a refund if you don’t have a baby after treatment.

  • The Morgan Fertility IVF Refund Program is designed to help you save money and time while increasing your chances of having a healthy baby with IVF.
  • Patients who are eligible for the refund program can take advantage of up to three IVF treatment cycles, including the use of all available frozen embryos.
  • If you do not have a baby within three IVF cycles, we will refund you up to 50%.
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By using Univfy’s PreIVF Report, which provides highly accurate, personalized predictions of each patient’s likelihood of IVF success, Morgan Fertility is able to offer our IVF Refund Program to more than 60% of self-pay patients. Most fertility centers can only offer refund programs to a limited number of patients. With patient-specific and practice-specific data from the Univfy PreIVF Report, many more patients can qualify for the Morgan Fertility IVF Refund Program. Your personalized Univfy PreIVF Report is provided free of charge after your diagnostic evaluation. Learn more about the report by watching the video below.